Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Reading Thing 2008 Challenge

Well I've decided one more challenge....what could it hurt, right. And some of the books I didn't get read on my winter challenge list will naturally become part of this list. Plus I've decided to start reading some of those first time home buyer type books since we're on the hunt for our first home and hope to be buying later this year. is my list for this challenge:

1. Homecoming by Cynthia Voight

2. Julie and Jilia by Julie Powell

3. The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

4. Rembrandt's Ghost by Paul Christopher

5. Don't Try This at Home Eidted by Kimberly Witherspoon and Andrew Friedman

6. 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask by Ilyce R. Glink


Lindsay said...

You have a wonderful list. There are some on there that I have on my to read sometime soon list.. I will have to check back for some reviews :-)

Katrina said...

Just stopping by to thank you for being part of SRT '08! And I hope your house hunt and purchase go well. It's a very exciting (yet also a little overwhelming) experience.