Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anyon But You

Author: Jennifer Crusie
Genre: Romance
Challenge: Four Legged Friends
Date Finished: February 2, 2008
Rating: 4/5

I am not a big fan of romance novels, but this fun story I devoured in less than a day! Before the beginning of the story there is an author's note stating that this book is often referred to as "Fred's Book" and it is just that. Fred is the lovable part basset hound, part beagle in the story and from his first introduction in chapter one he is the star of the show. The story begins with the line "The last thing Nina Askew needed was Fred." but the truth is she couldn't be more wrong. Nina has just gone through a divorce and sets out to get a puppy to help with her loneliness. Instead she ends up with Fred, a dog well beyond his puppy years whose breeding tends to cause him to look continuously depressed. Yet Fred is a perfect match for Nina and also the perfect matchmaker. Nina finds love with her downstairs neighbor and with Fred's help perhaps the couple can have that happy ending everyone is always seeking. My only complaint is that the author ties up the story too quickly, with all the couples problems being solved in less than 24 hours. The book is not overly sentimental, nor is it overly mushy or smutty. Instead it is a sweet little story about love and friendship and at times is even laugh out loud funny. I can NOT wait to read more novels by this author.

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