Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Title Master Reading Challenge

I really shouldn't join another reading challenge, but I just can't seem to resist, especially when I am able to make my list using books already on my TBR mountain. So, with that said I have decided to join in on the fun of the Title Master Reading Challenge. The idea of the challenge is all of the words in the title must start with the same letter. For now I am starting out with a list of four books since I'm already in so many other challenges, but I wouldn't be surprised if I add to the list as the challenge proceeds. Here's my list:

1. Lost Light by Michael Connelly
2. Fatal Flaw by William Lashner
3. Gerald's Game by Stephen King
4. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

1 comment:

harley2gus said...

Hey, I tried reading "The 13th Tale" but couldn't finish it. I was surprised by my reaction, but, I found it creepy. I liked the main character but the "author" made me stop in my tracks. Maybe I should have read a few pages more...

I like your blog. Keep it up!